Who we are & what we do

We are a small, flexible and cost effective team of engineers with complementary expertise in the field of transportation of dangerous goods. Mechanical, chemical and transport engineering general knowledge along with specialisation in risk management enable us to provide expert consulting services in dangerous goods transportation activities by all modes, with emphasis in tunnel safety. Our approach to every business challenge is based on the triptych of academic excellence, professional experience and field expertise. Our team holds PhD degrees in the fields of Risk Management, Tunnel Safety and Transportation of Dangerous Goods ensuring academic excellence, while our clients are tangible proof of our company’s professional experience. Finally, our people have developed field expertise during site visits and inspections in specialised activities.

Our vision

Dangerous goods will be produced, transported and used by companies and individuals creating wealth, without compromising the safety of the community, the environment and the public and private property. Everyone involved with dangerous goods will be aware and properly trained on the appropriate handling procedures and operations.

Our mission

Establish the highest levels of safety for individuals and communities during transportation of dangerous goods throughout the nation and globe, through innovative and cost effective solutions, research and evidence-based international best practices.

Core values

  • Academic excellence, professional experience, field expertise.
  • Openness, trust, respect, integrity and personal accountability.
  • Collaboration, authenticity, diversity in people and ideas, team building and innovation leadership.
  • Personal & professional wellness.

Core goals

  • Follow the latest research achievements in our fields of expertise and implement them in a cost effective way.
  • Build complementary professional experience by serving multinational companies, the local business and individuals.
  • Support our personnel in improving their skills and enhancing their field expertise, therefore being more competitive.
  • Develop strong relations with our customers by continuously supporting them and creating tangible added value.


Our company’s competencies have been developed by the combination of our personnel skills, our business structure & operation and our customer mix. Our personnel are certified Dangerous Good Safety Advisors, certified ADR drivers’ trainer, certified ADR vehicle inspectors and approved Tunnels Safety Officers by the relevant competent authorities. Our business structure and operation is based on a flexible matrix of engineers forming the necessary teams for ensuring success of each project. Finally, our customer mix includes different challenges varying from individuals’ needs to complex multinational organisations requirements.

Years of experience

Risk Management - 13 years
Dangerous Goods - 13 years
Tunnel Safety - 11 years


Risk Management

We provide risk management services focusing on activities related to Dangerous Goods. We conduct Risk Analysis Studies and Safety Reports (including FTA, ETA, HAZOP etc) for the chemical and petrochemical industries according to SEVESO Directive. More >

Dangerous Goods

We provide Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor services for the transportation industry, including all modes of transport (Air, Sea, Rail, Road). Furthermore, we conduct Load Restrain & Cargo Safety studies, as well as ADR vehicle reports and inspections. More >

Tunnel Safety

We conduct tunnels safety studies, including Risk Analysis, Scenario Based Analysis, Specific Hazard Investigation and Traffic Forecast for the transport of dangerous goods. Furthermore, we provide support in the compilation of Expert Opinion and Tunnel Safety Documentation. More >


Dangerous Goods Handling Personnel

We organise special training programs for personnel handling dangerous goods during all modes of transport, complying with all relevant legislations, codes and regulations (ICAO, IMDG Code, RID, ADR). More >

Professional Driver

We offer training courses for Professional Drivers in order to get all ADR driving license categories (basic, tanks, explosives, radioactive), as well as the Certificate of Professional Competencies for buses and trucks. More >

Transport Operator

We provide certified seminars for Haulage and Passenger Transport Operators, in order to acquire the appropriate Certificate of Professional Competencies for national and international transportation activities. More >